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On the real Dutch bicycles  
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It’s heaven to cycle the small backstreets and look through the eyes of the Dutch masters. And then, go to the Noordeinde Palace Gardens or the dunes, sit down and enjoy the local delicacies that you brought in a picnic basket.

            Madeleine, Scheveningen-born world traveler. picnic basket


So why not go on a picnic yourself? At Fietsverhuur Den Haag  you can rent a picnic basket. They are light and durable and can easily be mounted on the bike’s front rack. Each basket contains these items:

4 plates
4 cups
4 knifes
4 spoons
garbage bag
1 local treat

Plus we give you some tips whatto fill your basket with.
You can rent a picnic basket for € 4.

For group picnics we can also fill the baskets according to your wishes.

Please contact us in advance for reservations or additional information.

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