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Peace Palace, The Hague
1 Gevangenpoort 
This old prison gate has a violent history. Many people came to a gruesome ending here, including famous Dutch political figures like the ‘De Witt’ brothers. 

2 Binnenhof / Inner Court
It started as a lakeside hunting lodge from count Floris IV in the 13th century. Over the centuries it grew to become the political heart of the Netherlands. The Binnenhof is where the Dutch houses of parliament are seated.

3 Vredespaleis / Peace Palace
This large neo-renaissance building is home to the International Court of Justice and a tourist hot spot.

4 Paleis Noordeinde / Noordeinde Palace
Noordeinde palace, a former residential palace, is now Queen Beatrix’s workplace. The Royal Stables and the Noordeinde Palace Gardens are part of this large Royal enclave in the heart of the city.

5 “Haagse Bosch” Forest
This ancient forest was once part of a bigger forest that ran all the way to Haarlem (west of Amsterdam). In it lies the Queen’s residential palace Huis ten Bosch.

6 Kurhaus
This prestigious building started as a luxury seaside spa in 1885. Now it is home to a hotel and casino.

7 Plein 1813 / The 1813 Square
This square, that is dominated by a large statue, was constructed to commemorate Dutch independence from France. Grand, tree-lined avenues radiate from the square that is paved with cobble stones.

8 The avenues Lange Voorhout and Korte Voorhout
Considered to be two of the most beautiful avenues in Europe, these majestic, quiet avenues are an oasis of tranquility in the city. Perfect for a peaceful stroll.

9 Scheveningseweg / Scheveningen Road
This old road was contructed according to plans of Constantijn Huygens (an important Dutch 17th century poet, politician, scientist,…). It runs in a straight line from the Hague to the fisher village of Scheveningen. Lined by old estates, dunes and woodlands, it is still one of the city’s most beautiful roads.

10 Grachtengordel / The Hague Canals
The canals of The Hague were dug out for the defence of the city in the early 17th century. The houses alongside the canals were built to impress as they had to display the city’s wealth and power.

11 Keizerstraat
One of the main streets of Scheveningen, Keizerstraat has a long history. When Prince William of Orange sailed over from England in 1813 to declare the independence of the Netherlands, he set foot on the shore of Scheveningen. The first building he visited was Keizerstraat nr. 58 (now home to the YMCA) where they celebrated his arrival. 

12 Boetveld
The dunes near Zwolsestraat and Scheveningen Prison are now a protected wildlife area, also known as “Boetveld”. It used to be buzzing with activity. This is where all the fishermen would mend their nets.

13 The Isle “Vloek” (Curse) and the harbor of Scheveningen

14 The dunes
If you climb the dunes at Laan van Poot you are rewarded with a fantastic view of the sea and the city. Looking over the land it is not hard to imagine how the city has expanded over time between the dunes.


15 Eik en Duinen Cemetery
The old cemetery was named after an old settlement called ‘Eik en Duinen’ (Oak and Dunes). It was founded in the 14th century when a chappel was built there. The site contains the oldest traces of the city; archeologists have found Roman remains here. Now it is the final resting place of many famous and less famous citizens.




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