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On the real Dutch bicycles  
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Our bikes are manufactured by the first bicycle factory in Holland (est. 1868). These high quality bikes are very comfortable and have been customized to our specific demands.binnenhof
rent a bike the hague

All our bikes are equiped with a high comfort seat, handle bar gear shifter and effective brakes. They also got a fixed O-lock (mounted on the frame) but we can also provide a seperate chain lock. We rent out models for gents and ladies in different sizes.

We have bikes with handbrakes.

We check and service our bikes regularly continuously to keep them in tiptop condition. And we buy new bikes every year.

What bikes more do we rent:

huur een johny loco bakfiets
Cargo Bike: only for parents with children.
W e have children bicycles, children seats, and more:

kona ute to rent rent a bike the hague
Kona ute: Just a few in Holland. Handy and fast.

johny loco
Johny Loco Beach Cruiser: very comfortable and safe.

cinelli bike
Cinelle racing rats: great for touring.Also possible to rent with Ortlied bags. price on request
Cinelle Experience: 28 x world or Olympic Chamion. Cinelli is a legendary quality brand of Italy. Price on request
rent a cinelli
Cinelle Mystic: Single speed is the best. Sorry, we put some breaks on it and we do not rent it out when it is raining.

kraftstoff bike for rent
Kraftstoff bikes- The Miss Love:Beautifull and fast.

huur een basman 346
Basman 346 Cruiser: We work together with the specialist from Cruise Control Bicycles. The Basman Cruiser ride awesome and very comfi. Price on request
rent a tandem electra cruiser
Electra Beach Cruisers Tandems: Great for aan relax day out with your friends from work. Price on request

surley pugsley rent a bike
Surley Pugsley: Nr 7 in Holland. Amazing ride for on the beach.

totzo! fiets
This custom made bicycle stands in front of our entrance. It is not for rent but please take your photo.

Bicycles for sale

We sale new and used Burgers Bicycles. We continously renew our stock. For more information please call or e-mail.






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